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Scientists head out to study Shell oil spill in the Gulf

NEW ORLEANS (AP) — Scientists are heading out to study the latest oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, a release of about 88,200 gallons from a Shell oil field about 90 miles off the coast of Louisiana.

Last Thursday a leak from a pipeline at the Shell oil production field was spotted and clean-up vessels began to skim oil off the Gulf on Friday. The cleanup continues.

The leak was contained after wells flowing into the pipeline were shut in.

Now, a group of scientists hope to learn more about what effect oil spills have on the marine environment.

Ian MacDonald, an oceanographer at Florida State University, said the scientists should reach the oil sheens by Wednesday. This team of scientists was set up after BP’s 2010 catastrophic spill to study spills.

Shell: Skimmers in Gulf to clean up 88,200 gallon oil spill.

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