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How Will Louisiana Address its Looming Natural Gas Supply Shortfall?

shreveport fracking

Shane Thielges | Shale Plays Media As the United States continues to reap the benefits of the energy boom, the demand for natural gas and facilities dedicated to processing it climbs. Development across the country seems delayed only by how quickly petrochemical companies can expand the infrastructure necessary to support their operations. According to a report recently issued by the ...

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Pennsylvania Poised to Open State Parks for Drilling Operations

Tiadaghton State Forest

John Bestoloffe , Shale Plays Media The Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources announced in 2010 that the state needed to stop leasing additional forest land or it would inflict significant damage to the local ecosystem. It issued a report stating that any additional expansion of fracking in the region would have long-term repercussions on the health and productivity ...

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Federal bureaucracy increases flaring in ND


By: Rob Port, Bakken.com contributer Nobody likes the fact that so much natural gas is burned off in western North Dakota rather than captured, sold, and used. The gas is a valuable commodity, and for reasons both environmental and economic, it shouldn’t just be burned up if it can be avoided. There is progress being made. The amount of gas ...

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U.S. now producing 10% of world’s oil supply

pump jizacks

John Bestoloffe , Shale Plays Media The United States is now responsible for 10 percent of global crude oil production, according to the U.S. Energy Information Agency. Both the Bakken and Eagle Ford shale formations played a significant part in the increase of recent years. The Bakken formation is now producing 35 percent of the country’s oil and Eagle Ford ...

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White House Announces Methane Regulations Overhaul


John Bestoloffe , Shale Plays Media The Obama administration announced today it would implement new strategies targeted at reducing methane emissions from sources such as landfills, ranches and oil and natural gas extraction. The announcement is the latest in a series of recent plans by the executive branch to begin addressing concerns over climate change without relying on Congress for ...

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Marcellus and Eagle Ford shales boost US gas production


John Bestoloffe , Shale Plays Media United States natural gas inventories reached record levels last year due to the increased demand on shale plays from higher gas prices. Despite this, the market saw a drop in futures prices and, according to the latest State of Markets report from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission that will mean long-term growth in demand. ...

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Where are the oil patch candidates?


By: Rob Port, Bakken.com Candidates are announcing, and the shape of North Dakota’s 2014 election is becoming known. Within the next couple of weeks both Republicans and Democrats will hold their statewide conventions, but these events are merely the apogee of the partisan candidate selection process. Across the state Republicans and Democrats have been holding local legislative district conventions to ...

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The Utah tar sands time bomb

Utah River

By John Deede, Shale Plays Media While the debate over the proposed Keystone XL pipeline stretching from Alberta’s tar sands to the U.S. Gulf Coast has dominated environmental news, few people are aware that Utah has its own tar sand formation. The U.S. Government Accountability Office estimates that the recoverable oil in the Green River Formation located in Colorado, Wyoming and ...

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Filter Sock Incidents show more Regulation Needed for Oil Waste

filter socks

By Lydia Gilbertson, Bakken.com | Google+ Filter socks have been a major part of North Dakota’s energy industry news since its most recent oil boom. Abandoned truck beds were found a few weeks ago filled with filter socks outside of Watford City. Last year during an EPA inspection there was another deserted truck bed found on the Fort Berthold Indian ...

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