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Independence by the barrel: how petroleum fuels your Fourth

petroleum, Independence day, fourth of july

With nationwide gas prices much lower than last year as we approach the Fourth of July holiday, many more folks will be taking to the highways to celebrate. Camping, family gatherings, vacations and visits to the lake are just some of the ways people will be celebrating the extended weekend, not to mention all those awesome fireworks displays! Julie Hall from AAA reported ...

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Burgum’s business background promises prosperity for North Dakota

Doug Burgum

Doug Burgum’s commitment to community is moving statewide. The Fargo-based entrepreneur and philanthropist is running for North Dakota governor and promises to create an environment that’s welcoming to business. One area he will focus on is the energy industry. “Growing up, I was told we were going to run out of oil,” Burgum said. “There was an oil crisis shortly ...

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North Dakota education thrives despite oil bust


During the oil boom, state departments thrived off increased tax money and schools received more than enough funding. However, during the economic downturn, states that depended too heavily on oil taxes, such as Oklahoma, struggle to fund their education systems. Meanwhile, North Dakota students will see little to no change in their classrooms thanks to the high taxes paid by ...

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North Dakota “Great Recession” real estate crisis?

real estate crisis indicated by unfinished apartment

The North Dakota Office of State Tax Commissioner recently reported a $63 million shortfall in anticipated sales tax collections in December of 2015. Sales tax collections have declined by over 50 percent in some oil patch cities. Even with a massive state investment program and projects that were financed prior to the recent decline in oil prices, sales tax revenues still collapsed. Plunging sales ...

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State regulators set to decide on Dakota Access Pipeline

PIERRE, S.D. (AP) — State regulators are weighing whether to grant a construction permit for a pipeline that will cross through South Dakota as it carries North Dakota oil to Illinois. The South Dakota Public Utilities Commission is set to discuss the 1,130-mile Dakota Access Pipeline at a meeting on Monday. The project would move at least 450,000 barrels of ...

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The right way and wrong way to pull

Imagine this: It’s one of those cold, wet, late-fall evenings in Western North Dakota. The weather conditions are worsening, but you promised your most important client you’d make a last-minute fuel oil delivery to his rig. “Just one more and I can call it a day,” you tell yourself, relaxing to the rhythm of the rain. Then it happens. An ...

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In Every State, Gains in Income Trail Growth in Economy


Economic growth outpaced any gains in median household income in every state from 2000 to 2013, a new Stateline analysis shows. The divergence between middle-class income growth and general economic growth has been a topic of debate among economists for years. But the new analysis–which uses state gross domestic product per person as a measure of economic growth and income ...

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In reversal, abundant grain trains available for harvest

STERLING, N.D. — The grain elevator that towers over this small prairie town has been humming with workers loading crops onto rail cars destined for domestic and worldwide markets. It’s a welcome sight in Sterling, North Dakota, and across the upper Great Plains, where in the past two years grain elevators overflowed and mountains of wheat, corn, soybeans and other ...

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Montana Resources applauds injunction blocking clean-water rule in Montana, 12 other states

A rule intended to clarify clean water protections in the United States just got murkier. Implementation of the new Clean Water Act rule was blocked in Montana and 12 other states when North Dakota Chief District Judge Ralph Erickson granted a preliminary injunction against the Environmental Protection Agency and the Army Corps of Engineers late Thursday. The injunction only affects ...

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Crop that can be made into jet fuel showing promise

FLASHER, N.D. — North Dakota’s first crop of jet fuel is showing promise. Farmers in the western part of the state this year planted 6,000 acres of a mustard seed variety known as carinata, which can be made into jet fuel, for Canadian seed producer Agrisoma Biosciences. About one-fourth of the crop has now been harvested, and yields are slightly ...

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